Child Safe Policy

Dear Parents/Guardians/Teachers/Staff,

I want children and young people who participate in my programs to have a safe and happy experience. I support and respect our children, young people, staff, volunteers and students.

The Child Safety Policy outlined below provides details of the safety precautions and measures that govern my teaching, concerts and workshops and the collaborators who work with me.

Kind Regards,

Kathryn Roberts Parker


This policy guides staff, volunteers and students on how to behave with kids. The policy focuses on how we can promote kids’ participation in our programs and make it safer for them.

Supporting Kids’ participation

We support the active participation of kids in our programs. We listen to kids' views, respect what they say and involve them when we make decisions, especially about matters that will directly affect them.

Support staff, volunteers and students

1. We promote respect, fairness and consideration for all staff, volunteers and students.

2. All staff, volunteers and students have a more senior officer assigned to support and supervise their work.

3. All new staff, volunteers and students will receive a copy of the Child-safe Policy, Code of Conduct and Dealing with Complaints process.


1. Statement - we will maintain a rigorous and consistent recruitment, screening and selection process.

2. Practice - we will achieve this standard using interviews, references, and the Working With Children Check.

dealing with complaints

1. All complaints will be directed to Kathryn Roberts Parker. We have an obligation under Australian law to report all instances of abuse/neglect to the police in the area/jurisdiction where a complaint is made. In the event that a complaint is made while Kathryn or her staff are working in a school or public space, the complaint will be directed to the relevant oversight who will follow their organisation’s reporting procedure.

2. Kathryn Roberts Parker is the Child Safety Contact Person to manage all complaints.


1. We will hold regular information sessions for staff, volunteers and students.

2. This policy will be discussed during induction sessions for all new staff, volunteers and students.

3. Kids and parents joining our program/s will receive a copy of the Policy, Code of Conduct and Dealing with Complaints process.

4. Parents will receive a copy of the Parent's Guide to Child Protection Issues.


The policy and guidelines will be reviewed every two years and incorporate comments and suggestions from children and young people, parents, staff, volunteers and students. Next review date: February 2021.