Instrumental Lessons - Terms and Conditions


Thank you for choosing to have instrumental lessons! Below are the terms and conditions that cover our teaching and learning.


1. I (the teacher) will provide weekly lessons according to the fee schedule set out in clause 8.

2. I will foster a safe and enjoyable learning environment, following safety standards set by the Working with Children certification and NESA.

3. I will keep up-to-date with the latest teaching methods and learning ideas being talked about in education and performing arts

4. I will be teaching from my knowledge and experience as a professional profesisonal and teacher.


5. You (the student) will attend weekly lessons for the duration of a school term.

6. On the occasion that you are sick or unable to attend the lesson, a credit/refund will be allowed if 4 hours notice is provided to the teacher.

7. If you wish to discontinue lessons during term time, you are required to give 4 weeks’ notice. If you fail to give appropriate notice, you will be liable to pay these 4 weeks.


8. Fees are payable at the following rates at the teacher’s home studio:

20 mins at $28 per week

30 mins at $42.50 per week

45 mins at $64 per week

60 mins at $85 per week

9. Travel rates of an additional $5 per lesson are available at the discretion of the teacher to locations within 3 kilometres of the teacher’s address.

Thank you!

Kathryn Roberts Parker